Q&A about the flag material:

Q. What is the black material around the edge of the flag?
A. This is black reinforcement webbing standard on every flag produced

Q. Can I change the colour of this black webbing?
A. No, this is the only colour available


Q&A about artwork:

Q. What is print ready artwork?
A. This is artwork supplied via email to us at 100% of the size in a high quality pdf file. When preparing artwork for double sided banner flags, ensure you perpare both sides as per the template guidline.

Can artwork be prepared on my behalf by you?

A. Yes, for a nominal fee we can prepare your artwork and provide a pdf proof for approval. If you have never prepared commercial artwork before we recommend you use our artwork service.


Q&A about production lead times and delivery:

Q. How long does it take from artwork approval to manufacture my banner flags?
A. approx 7-9 working days

How does my order arrive?
A. We use a courier network for the most efficient despatch and delivery of your items. You or someone must be available to sign for the goods.


Types of Banner Flags

Banner Flags are available in three different shapes - Teadrop Banners, Feather Banners (sometimes called Bali) and Wing banners, also known as rectangular banner. All of these banner designs create a highly visible banner that attracts customer and public attention.

Banner Flags are available in a variety of bases which are interchangeable, but you will need to specify at time of ordering to get the best package price.

The most popular base for banner flags is the standard "Hard Ground Cross Feet" option. This base option comes with a waterbag that you fill with water to act as a weight. This adds stability to the banners in mild windy conditions. If you do not have a hard flat surface for your banner flag, then you may consider a ground spike. Ground spikes are just that, a metal spike that is driven into the ground, sand or grass areas to support the banner flag.

The heaviest base available for the banner flag is the 10kg heavy base option. This is used for higher wind areas and where you want that extra bit of stability and in public places where children and adults are walking around. The downside is carrying and transporting these heavy bases around.

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